About me

My love for dogs has been with me my entire life.
The momet I took my first steps, I was mesmerized by all dogs. My parents were always atonished of the fact that my little hands would always stroke and pet all dogs no matter what breed or size.

Because my parents did not allow me to have pets, I spent my time playing, walking and training all the dogs in my neighbourhood. I also spent alot of time reading books and literature to learn everything I could about dogs and what kind of training they needed.
Even when we moved to another town, I looked for new families that were glad to put their four legged friends in the hands of someone they trusted. Over the years, I was able to gather quite an experience with all types of dogs such as tiny lap dogs, watch dogs, and hunting dogs. The dogs ranged from puppy years to senior years.

Now I’m a qualified Dog trainer and I was teaching at the dog club in Herriden (german website) over years. I started a sighthound group there and gave  lessons on subordination, obiedience and agility training.
My goal is to bring you and your dog together as a team so that you can learn to bind,  trust and respect each other. Dogs want and need to be led, therefore it’s important to look at it from your dog’s perspective. I try to teach you to see your dog as a dog and understand its needs and therefore help you to become a good and trustworthy partner.

Although I love all dogs, I have a special place in my heart for the sighthounds. It’s a sensitive dog and a true example of a great race and allows us to find new ways to train and teach. In addition, I have a personal commitment to help all dogs in the pound find a good and loving family home.

To attain all these goals, I continually further my training in all areas with taking courses given by Dr. Udo Gansloßer, Dr. Feddersen-Pettersen and Dr. Ute Blaschke-Bertold, to name but a few.